Songs of the Heart

A verse-by-verse dialogue with God that will inspire you in your love relationship with God.

This book is based on the dialogue between the Shulamite Maiden and the Bridegroom in the Song of Solomon and is written as a devotional book with a verse-by-verse dialogue of the writer’s conversations with God.

The author invites you to peer into her intimate dialogues with God, and as you do so, you may find yourself opening your heart to receive what God is saying to you. Then, when you turn the Scripture into personal prayer, recording in your own journal the secret longings and prayers of your heart as well as the things that God says to you, you will find to your amazement that God is “crazy in love with you” and passionately pursuing you as a love of God.

As you embrace the love of the Bridegroom for yourself, you will embark on your own enjoyable journey to the high places of intimacy with God.

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